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Q: How can I find a good course?

A: Start by creating your account. Next enter your mean grade & subject grades. You will see a list of all the most suitable courses. Narrow down your search by setting other preferences including your budget, preferred industry, preferred institutions etc.

Q: What type of courses does C+ mean grade qualify for?

A: You qualify for some bachelors degree courses, almost all diploma courses and any certificate you prefer. While course entry requirements vary from one institution to the next, some courses at the bachelors degree levels require much higher grades. These include Laws, Medicine, Surgery, Engineering e.t.c.

Q: Can I get a scholarship?

A: Recarp does not offer scholarship information at the moment.

Q: If I like a course, what next?

A: For that particular course compare the requirements in the different institutions offering it. Pay close attention to the entry requirements and the fees.

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